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by The Dangerous Idiots

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"A great musical vision... Yeah, I think Aaron Sarlo is the man." - Frengers Attack

"Aaron Sarlo has an excellent ear for fat, juicy hooks wrapped around smart lyrics." - The Arkansas Times

"This definitely isn't the work of idiots. It could almost be genius." - We Were Promised So Much....

"[Can I Get a Role Model] is a perfect mix of goose-bumps-inducing sincerity and pure pop-rock ear candy" - The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"This is no ordinary band, nor album.'s more than lyrics, it's a statement." - Chris McKay

"Dangerous Idiots is a blast of an album. ...well-crafted, catchy tunes played by veteran, professional musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously" - Sync Weekly

"With the emotion Dangerous Idiots spreads, the passion they have can be felt in not just their music but their lyrics as well." -

"Dangerous Idiots plays a smouldering sound, full of distortion and acid lyrics." - Sloucher

"The [Dangerous Idiots] song, 'Sad,' features vocalist Aaron Sarlo in a moment of understated beauty and innocence." - The 405

"...this is going to be a band people talk about." - The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


released February 1, 2013

All songs written by Aaron Sarlo (BMI) © 2012
Recorded at Wolfman Studios, Little Rock, AR
Produced by Aaron Sarlo
Mixed by Jason Tedford and Aaron Sarlo
Mastered by Saff Mastering, Chicago, Illinois



all rights reserved


The Dangerous Idiots Little Rock, Arkansas

"This is no ordinary band, nor album.'s more than lyrics, it's a statement." - Chris McKay

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Track Name: Wifi
All songs written by Aaron Sarlo, © 2013

The sun made water and made air, grew good food everywhere.
It did, for me, today. And the world gave me a home today
as long as I could stay. It did, for me, today.

And all of that can go to hell, and everything else, if I can't be with you.
Your love gets me through my life. It warms and brightens my nights, my darkest nights.

And you will never need a home as long as there's the slightest spark in these old bones.
Track Name: Disnee Turned Me Queer
All songs written by Aaron Sarlo, © 2013

I never wanted to be high on life
that's some shit that got shoved down my throat out of spite
Disnee turned me queer

they turned the whole world into drooling buffoons
with a black hole for a heart and some stupid cartoons
Disnee turned me queer

I see them coming for me, they're all teeth, claws, and fur
and way more sticker than bumper
Disnee turned them queer

And if you don't think that they're coming for you
if you're looking at The Devil saying, "Isn't it cute,"
Disnee turned you queer

And I should kill them all, but they are already dead
because they all worship a guy who froze his own head.
Disnee turned me so queer
Disnee turned you so queer
Disnee turned it all queer
Track Name: Now
All songs written by Aaron Sarlo, © 2013

I want to go out on a really nice, balmy night
I want to be seen by everyone
I want to pull up in a really nice car
I want to ignore a real nice phone
instead, I gotta go to my really nice job
gotta pay all these really nice bills
can someone please tell me,
Am I being robbed?
Because I can't find my time or my will

and I don't want to wait
I want it now

I want to go vote for a really cool dude
or, better yet, a real cool chick
because it doesn't even matter if it has a dick
it just has to stand up and be true
because I don't want to have to kill Richie Richie in his face
just to get a TV

I don't want to wait
I want it now
I don't want to wait, you can't make me wait
I'm coming for it now

Don't even think I wouldn't
I await the end of shouldn't
when I'll get it in real good, and
I hope that you will see
all the little things you need to see

because I don't want to wait
I want it now
Track Name: You Don't Know What We Would Do
All songs written by Aaron Sarlo, © 2013

It's time for life, it's time for good
you know, we need it so bad
it's like something we never had
the end was almost here
the dark, it was crystal clear
and it was breathing death right in my face,
and it was almost all I could take

I said You don't know what we would do,
what we'd do to you

We finally reached our exit,
and we get extra credit
for not slicing you into chum,
and tossing you overboard
to a fife and a drum

We said You don't know what we would do,
what we'd do to you